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Digital Marketing Solutions

Social Climb is proud to be a provider of local marketing services for home repair and service companies across the United States. In the last decade, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically, leaving many companies struggling to succeed. Businesses need affordable marketing solutions and a marketing company they can trust.

At Social Climb, we don’t believe in a one size fits all marketing strategy. We understand that every business is different, every industry is different, and every market is different. To develop an effective online marketing strategy for our clients, we take the time to understand their business before putting pen to paper. As we learn more about your product or service, the nuances of your specific market area, and your short- and long-term goals, we develop a strategy. When we complete the analysis of your local marketing program, we will begin developing it. We are your digital marketing consultants and are just a phone call away.


At Social Climb, we believe that the best way for your company to attract more customers and increase its visibility is to incorporate a professional local marketing service and SEO strategies into your marketing plan. We’ve got your back when it comes to SEO and digital marketing services.

digital marketing services for contractors

Digital Online Marketing Services include:

Our Local Online Marketing Drives More Revenue For Contractors

An innovative marketing plan should always include one or more local online marketing and media marketing solutions. Regardless of your industry, customers are searching online to find your products and local services. Accessing the internet has never been easier than it is now, thanks to smartphones, tablets, and PCs. In the mobile age, consumers are more informed, make buying decisions based on their online research, and view the internet as a trusted resource. You need to hire a local business marketing consultant who has expertise in various advertising services, uses the newest technologies, and is committed to keeping marketing affordable.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include


Local search optimization and local SEO are critical if you want to compete within your service area. A local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy improves local business visibility within a geographical region.

Every day, millions of customers search for local businesses online. You’re missing valuable sales leads, traffic, and revenue opportunities if you don’t have a robust local SEO presence. Local search engine optimization targets “near me” and geo-specific search queries instead of traditional SEO, which targets a brand’s searchability across the globe. With local search engine optimization, you will expand your brand visibility beyond your physical storefront and make your business more accessible to prospects in your local online community.

A leading local search engine optimization company based in Englewood CO, Social Climb provides comprehensive search engine optimization services to home improvement contractors across the U.S. At Social Climb, we know how important local SEO is to your brand’s success. Because of this, we are here to assist you with your local digital marketing and local search optimization efforts.

Imagine local SEO as the phone book of today! As calls from newspaper ads and Yellow Pages have dwindled (or are nonexistent), local SEO helps you generate more calls from your website and online contact forms.

The following are a few benefits of hiring a local SEO company:

  • Increasing local visibility online
  • Increased traffic, leads, and sales from local visitors
  • More effective geographical campaigns
  • Stand out from the competition


Having a steady flow of exclusive home improvement leads each month is crucial for a successful contracting business. If you can achieve that, you can generate more estimates, take on more jobs that fit your expertise, and have enough cash flow to grow your staff as much as you like.

With online advertising and marketing automation, generating an infinite supply of leads should be easy, right? Well, not exactly. Online advertising and SEO has become complicated and very competitive. Contractors can waste a lot of money trying to compete if they don’t have an experienced marketing company to help.

Rather than spending a great deal of time worrying about marketing efforts or where their next job may come from, contractors are exploring a new way to spend more time on a job site. Contractors across the country are using lead generation companies for localized, high quality leads.

Social Climb generates real-time Home Improvement leads from homeowners and businesses in your local market. These leads are always 100% exclusive to you. We will never sell them to your competitors.

Through our campaigns, you have the ability to choose from which sources your leads are coming from, and when you want them. You do not need to sign any agreements or make any commitments. We are ready to earn your business. Are you ready to get started? Just fill out the form on this page and you’ll be on your way to success.

Results Driven Process






The key to achieving superior brand awareness and customer acquisition is through Social Media Branding services. As mobile gadgets have taken over the market, users have marked their territory online through social media.

The management of social media brands is essential for the perception and conversion of customers. Consumers are interested in hearing about sales and specials, receiving coupons and purchasing products and services via social media.

Due to lack of time or an experienced team, many companies miss out on social media engagement opportunities. We will help you create a social media brand strategy that combines social media management and social media advertising.

To be successful in marketing, you need both: a community of raving fans and results that drive profit. There is a lot more than just looking good to your website, social media, ads and emails. These must be converted into leads and leads into customers.


Using an eye-catching custom web design that highlights your business’ unique value propositions, you can capture your target audience’s attention. Our internet marketing service includes a WordPress site that is specifically designed for home service companies.

We design beautiful websites that are affordable and effective for bringing in new business for contractors. With a focus on delivering results, we offer construction website design that is different from the rest. Construction websites are designed to pull qualified customers to the website and motivate them to contact you. This should be the primary goal of your construction website.

With our expertise in construction lead generation, we know how you can generate qualified leads from your website. Having a good-looking website is one thing, but if your visitors aren’t engaged and aren’t contacting you, your website isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

If you have a home improvement website, don’t second guess what works. In the end, we create the world’s best contractor websites that drive higher conversion rates based on millions of key engagement points and the visitor experience on construction websites.

Getting Started is Easy


Discovery Call

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call for an easy, informal conversation about your business. In our consultation, we’ll find out what you’ve tried before, what you’re doing now, what your goals are, and how we can help.



Let’s say we decided in our Discovery Call that we are a good fit to work together. In that scenario, we’ll schedule a new meeting for a day or so later. In the meantime, we will prepare all our businesses’ findings online, show you our results and what we can bring to the table. If agreed, we’ll begin implementing your new marketing plan right away.



Next, we schedule an onboarding web call to go over all the details. All your information will be collected, forms filled out, and we’ll discuss the first steps taken to accelerate your growth. Then we get to work building your digital marketing campaigns.

Home Service Industries We Specialize In

Today, ranking well on Google (and preferably on Page 1!) for people who are searching online for your business is absolutely vital regardless of what industry you are in. Social Climb helps your business increase traffic, ultimately increasing sales through your website. Listed below are a few industries with which we have experienced great success.

  • Landscaping & Lawn Care
  • Pest Control
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Insulation & Drywall
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Painting

Aspects Of Digital Marketing For Home Improvement Companies

There’s so much more to local online marketing than merely paying for ads and hoping they reach the right audience. Our strategies are based on proven techniques that have generated home improvement leads for businesses all over the country. Local marketing relies heavily on knowing how the Google algorithms work and how search engine results rank your websites in Google’s organic (free) search results.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • An effective way to get started with local marketing is through local SEO services. Taking control of the website is part of this process. 9 times out of 10, we create a new site and rework the written content to include the most common keywords people use to search for your business online. Search engines like Google look for these keywords in combination on various web pages, which is how they determine relevance.

Website Content

  • In addition to optimizing website content, SEO also considers your website’s underlying architecture to improve user experience, loading speed, and ease of navigation. Visual design, including layout, colors, images, and font styles, also contribute to your brand recognition. The goal of content SEO is to keep content fresh, well-written, helpful, and up-to-date. A website should contain an abundance of interesting and enticing information that visitors will be eager to explore. That is how we create a conversion-focused website for you.

Google My Business (GMB) Setup

  • You can significantly increase the number of leads you receive by setting up and perfecting your Google My Business account – also sometimes referred to as Maps Marketing. Local customers can easily access the contact information and website for your business through your profile. Combining all of this information is beneficial in and of itself, but reviews about your business will also appear here, which can help drive customers to you.

Data Tracking & Analysis

  • Our digital marketing process includes tracking your data using Google Analytics and other tools throughout your campaign. Using the information generated during your campaign, we analyze trends to determine the most successful strategies. Using this analysis, we adjust your marketing strategy based on what approaches work best to increase traffic to your site.

You focus on what you do best…. Running your Business!

Let us focus on what we do best…. Getting you more Customers!

We use EXPERIENCE AND STRATEGY to produce results

There are many options for digital marketing, depending on your goals and business needs. Our web marketing company is skilled in both on-page as well as off-page optimization. Our track record has proven us to be able to increase search engine rankings for clients. We have strategies that can help you achieve the following goals.


Social networks can be used to inspire your target audience members to visit your website.


Encourage discussion and coverage by influential individuals and sites


Social media can be used to encourage your audience members to visit your site.

We will assist you in achieving great results in many key areas such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Branding.

To deliver tangible results for our clients, we combine our creativity with our extensive experience in search technologies. Our expert team can help you establish a long-lasting, meaningful relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect. We will also assist with social media promotion to engage your clients with your brand.

Common Marketing Questions

The term local online marketing refers to a number of methods that small businesses use to boost their online visibility. You can make your business appear first in local searches by following best practices. Online traffic and conversion rates are likely to increase as a result. Small businesses can benefit greatly from local online marketing. Using local online search optimization to attract new customers is an excellent way to grow your business.

Online marketing is the process of using the internet to promote a company, product, or service. You can use different channels such as social media, search engines, blogs, videos, and PPC advertising (pay per click). The internet is used by more and more people every day, which means that you can get in front of millions of people who are looking for your services.

The exact answer really depends on your business, what you’re offering, who your customer is and so much more. For home improvement companies, contractors and most local small businesses, local SEO is the answer. Although, a complete marketing strategy that includes social branding and a high converting web presence is important too.

It is cost effective to use a sound internet marketing program. This includes local search optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and more. When you have a well rounded marketing system in place and you own the assets, you can expect a higher ROI on your marketing plan.

A digital marketing campaign is one that uses digital channels to market on the internet. It is a term used to describe Internet marketing. It’s more affordable, and you can reach a lot more new and existing customers with less money, than traditional marketing.

It is a business that works on the marketing of products or services, from research to strategy to branding and promotions.

Local search engine optimization: what is it? By optimizing a website for local search, you can attract more traffic, leads and brand awareness. Search engine optimization for local businesses includes tasks like finding local keywords, improving a company’s Google My Business page, and building citations for the business’ name and address.

A local SEO campaign allows your website to be found locally rather than on a national or global scale, which can help you connect with local searchers. The techniques used in local SEO are similar to those used in SEO.

Content is the most important ranking factor for SEO, in which video plays a significant role. As part of your site’s media mix, video contributes to the search engine’s ability to identify your site’s content as quality and relevant to the users’ search queries. Increasing demand for video in search results will continue to encourage search engines to include video as a ranking factor. You can effectively boost your website’s search engine ranking by having video.

Add A Local Web Marketing Agency To Your Team

Meet your customers where they are and market your brand 24/7

With digital marketing services, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to advertise their brands 24/7 for a relatively low cost. Whether you run a small business or a medium company with multiple locations, a digital marketing company is a great way to reach out to your target customers, regardless of time differences or geography.

One of the best ways to reach your prospects is through the use of an internet marketing agency while keeping relationships with your existing customers strong. When you have a strong digital presence, your prospects will always find you. 


Do you want to see how Social Climb can help your business get more traffic, conversions, sales, and ROI? Getting started is easy.  Complete the form below to provide us with a little information about your business. Then you’ll be directed to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. 


Not sure what program will work best for your business? Do you need some guidance with your current marketing strategies? We will be happy to provide you with a 30-minute no-obligation consultation. Feel free to contact us about what type of marketing help you need.


Our digital marketing team at Social Climb can help you develop an online marketing strategy that will generate more qualified visitors to your website and convert them into leads and sales. What are you waiting for? Get started with us today and dominate the web.

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