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Websites are a must in today’s business world. Everyone is going online, and you need an edge to stand out from other local contractors. With our proven & tested contractor web design, we can create a standout professional design that makes a solid first impression. More people will stay, engaged with your website, and convert into a lead with a high-converting construction or remodeling website.

Home Improvement Website Designs That Converts Clicks Into Buyers

When we create high-converting contractor web designs, we consider every aspect of the business. We take a look at your competitor’s SEO strategy and your potential audience. From there, we create a space for you online that suits you and entices the audience to look your way. Our optimized and seamless designs make it easy for them to know the benefits you bring with your services.

Websites That Generate Leads

Increasing numbers of people are using mobile web access, and search engines like Google are making changes to make it more user-friendly. Keeping up with the latest developments is essential for business owners. A mobile-friendly website offers the following benefits:

A Better User Experience
Websites that are mobile friendly are designed to display well on portable devices. On your smartphone, how many times have you opened a website only to find a garbled version of the original website? People tend to close mobile-unfriendly sites when browsing on mobile. Mobile-friendly websites provide a much better user experience for your customers. Additionally, you’ll be able to retain users much more easily.

Loading Speeds Improved
When a website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, it will take a long time to load. A mobile-friendly website will load faster, since it is created to work with all mobile devices. Mobile users usually browse on their mobile devices on the go, so they need incredibly fast access, or else they’ll get impatient. The last thing you want is for them to tap away! A mobile-friendly website loads faster on desktop and laptop computers, too. We made it easy for contractors looking to improve their websites’ performance but are still on a budget to get a high-performance website based on their needs.

Improved SEO
The benefits of mobile optimization for SEO are numerous. Your page’s page rank will be boosted if you choose to set up a unique URL instead of setting up separate ones for your mobile website. You only need one domain to control all of your backlinks with a mobile-friendly site. It’s a no-brainer, since better SEO shows up in search engines and increases an organization’s visibility.

Having A Competitive Advantage
You should integrate mobile friendliness into your website as quickly as possible if you haven’t already. Find out if your competitors have mobile-friendly websites before you do, by comparing their websites with yours. You’ll have an opportunity to stand out and attract customers if you don’t. You have to catch up if they are.

In the beginning, you might pay more for a mobile-friendly website than for a desktop-optimized one. Even so, the costs of that solution are still lower than those of other options. Nowadays, mobile devices are used by almost everyone. Therefore, ignoring a mobile-friendly website design will only affect your business in a negative fashion. It is possible to create a mobile app or separate mobile site, but both are more expensive and ineffective.

Mobile-friendly Websites Are Favored By Google
Users can easily identify mobile-friendly websites because Google marks them. Moreover, mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher by Google as well. Therefore, Google will love your website more and show it higher in search results than non-optimized pages. Because mobile-friendly sites offer several SEO benefits, it’s easy to see why they often rank at the top of search results.

In summary, contractors optimizing their website for mobile browsing has many advantages and few drawbacks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Social Climb so that we can make the process as efficient and painless as possible for you.

Designing construction websites is different with us. We focus on results. Your construction website should revolve primarily around attracting qualified customers and motivating them to contact you. Results mean more closed sales, not just more traffic to your website.

Having a website that’s intuitive, effective, and engaging can create quality leads that are more likely to convert. You’re basically having someone available 24 hours a day to answer customer questions and to collect contact information that leads to one-on-one communication.

Make sure that your website is designed exclusively with the client in mind. This is one of the most important aspects of a well-designed website for contractors. Your site should have information that’s easy to find, no matter where customers begin. This should include effective calls to action (CTAs) that provide the customer with the feeling that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by providing their current contact information or picking up the phone and calling.

Making sure you’re using multiple-tiered strategies is important; for instance, if someone finds your site via a post you shared on social media, you want to provide them with easy access to more information.

Furthermore, your website needs to be mobile-optimized. A website that takes a long time to load or is difficult to navigate on a mobile device might cost you valuable clients. More and more people are searching the internet on their mobile devices. In addition, non-mobile-optimized websites can rank poorly in Google, as search engine algorithms penalize sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Is it Necessary to Have a Converting Website?
Maybe you’re thinking, “but as a contractor, I already have lead generation and marketing online, isn’t that enough?”. Is it really necessary to have a fancy, updated website?”

Nowadays, clients are more likely to judge you by the quality of your website than by your individual performances. Websites serve as extensions and representations of construction businesses. Here you can provide your potential leads with information, build trust, and post construction pictures and reviews, and that’s where they’ll look before deciding whether or not to contact you. You miss the chance to connect with potential clients if your website is just a single, outdated landing page with minimal information, or if the design is so bad that it’s nearly impossible to browse.

A modern website can be an effective lead generation device when combined with high-quality online marketing services for your contractor business. You can better hone your lead generation efforts and ensure you get the best returns on investment by focusing on inbound marketing, such as social media, SEO, and SEM best practices, blog articles, whitepapers, etc. Better web design can help you narrow your focus on leads, which can result in more jobs and fewer headaches. You can define the type of customers you’re looking for and the type of work you do on your website.

1. Your Brand

You tell us the details about your construction or contractor business. Tell us about your vision, goals, branding, and services. We’ll let you in on the design process and make sure the website matches your vision.

2. Customized

We create a website that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also converts well. We’ll optimize it for SEO to drive more traffic and, in turn, get more conversions for each visitor you have.

3. Optimized

We find where your potential audience is and attract them to your site. You’ll get traffic that’s not only interested but likely to buy. We use Google and other channels to help you stand out.

Do You Experience Any Of These Issues As A Contractor?

The construction industry and the contractors industries face so many obstacles when trying to grow and sustain their businesses. The majority of contractors have no idea where to begin. There are some busy people who don’t think marketing is necessary. There’s more to getting more business than just generating more, it’s about getting better quality clients. Whatever the case may be, your website addresses your problem.

  • Have you ever felt embarrassed when showing potential clients your website?
  • Can you remember the last time your website brought you a construction project lead?
  • Are you simply not reflecting the quality of your work on your website?
  • It’s great to increase your customer base with word-of-mouth, but is that enough?
  • What will be your next construction project? Do you ever worry about it?
  • Concerned about sustainability of your contractor business?
  • Getting low-paying, low-quality jobs drives you crazy?
  • Is your work simply not being noticed by high level clients while you are capable of doing amazing work?

If You Suffer ANY Of These Problems It May Be Because of Your Website. Contact Us To See If We Can Help!

Companies in the home contractor and construction sectors face numerous challenges and hurdles when starting, growing, or sustaining their business. Put an end to worrying about finding your next client or project. It is impossible for us to solve all of your business’s issues, but we will ensure your website is effective.

The Sky's the Limit With Local Marketing.
Learn How High A Better Website Design Will Take You.

Convert More Clicks Into Construction Leads With A High Performing Website For Contractors

Not all clicks translate to sales. With our help, we can make your website enticing to your ideal consumer, and they’ll make you the first option for their contractor services needs. More leads means better sales, which will affect your profits in the long run. Every conversion your website creates makes a sale a potential recurring customer. The benefits are exponential.

When it comes to visibility online content is still king, but there is more to content in your web design than keywords. We design fast, flexible, mobile friendly websites. They are easy to update with new and relevant content, blogs, videos, specials, and social media feeds. Engaging your website visitors is a big part of earning trust and credibility with search engines; ultimately moving you to the top of search results and driving more leads.

What Separates Our Contractor Website Designs From The Rest

There is a big difference between building a construction or contractors website that just looks good and building a website that successfully generates leads while displaying professionalism. We have built hundreds construction and contractor websites over the years and have refined our process during that time. Here is just a sample of what sets our websites apart:

Forward Thinking Designs

We Combine the ability to create fully custom website designs with proven content creation strategies that convert visitors into leads

Proper Website Structure

We utilize best practices for structuring the "ladder" of the pages on your website.

Imagery and Graphical Elements

Placing geo-tagged images to adequately describe and display the services your business offers while building trust and rapport

Tracking With Google

Installation of Google Analytics so you can monitor traffic and conversions.

Responsive On All Devices

Your website will function 100% on smart phones, laptops, wide screen desktop monitors and more.

Unique Content

We create new text content on every page and include full details of your services and other important information.

Content Management With SSL Certificate

We build every website with WordPress, yielding to clean coding and an SSL to ensure visitors have secure access to your site.

Google Search Console

We submit your website to Google Search Console, which allows you to see the search keyword data of where clicks to your website derive.

We Maximize Your Websites Capabilities

One of the best practices to increase the traffic your website generates is by optimizing the content on your website. Specifically by building individual service pages that go into full detail of that service offering. These individual pages also increases the quality of the user’s experience and promotes proper site structure and also as you can see in the Google search images to the right – search engines love optimized individual pages!

If a prospect is located in the home city of your business and they search for an individual service such as paver patios or irrigation blowout rather than the search term of landscaping, when optimized properly and depending on the competitiveness of your area, these pages have a good chance to rank on the first page in their respective search results, allowing your contractor websites to drive more traffic, increase lead flow and grow your revenue. 

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Don’t just hire any run of the mill generalist agency to create the most important aspect of your online presence, trust our experienced and knowledgeable team to build your contractor or construction company’s website to showcase your company’s image while driving new leads and helping you grow your revenue. Contact us to get started. 


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