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Local search has changed and SEO (search engine optimization) has become harder for local businesses to get a fair shake in the rankings game. 

Big box businesses and directory sites have an unfair advantage. If you’re not in the top 3 for maps rankings or at least on page 1 for your most important keywords, you’re probably struggling to get a steady flow of leads. 



The Ultimate LOCAL SEO BOOSTER For Businesses That

First, let’s understand the problem. High search volume keywords and more specifically buyer keywords, we all know are worth a lot of money but the problem is very few people know how to rank for them.

Search and local search has changed over the last few years. Even more recently many local businesses have experienced a loss in rankings and some local businesses have even lost their local maps listing – the newly named Google Business Profile. Ranking for local businesses is now harder than ever because the big box companies and directory sites are dominating page one. 

Not sure if it’s true?

Try it yourself. Search for any local home service business and see what comes up in your area. Search for your industry or search terms like ‘roofers’, ‘plumbers’, ‘ carpet cleaning’, or ‘pest control’ and what are you seeing? Sites like: Yelp, Angi, Expertise, Thumbtack, BBB, Home Advisor, and big company names in your area?

Yep! That’s what we’re seeing too!

Traditional SEO Is Gone! Big Brands Are Dominating!

Understanding Google's AI

Today's Ranking Factors

Google’s new AI (artificial intelligence), they call Rank Brain, is technology that has the ability to learn from the data end users are searching for. Some of these factors include: location of the searcher, personalization and the words in the query to determining the searcher’s “true intent”.  By understanding the searcher’s true intent, it can do a better job delivering the best search results. 

Traditional SEO hasn’t died… it’s just gone thru a few changes.  Having a well optimized website and links to the site are still important. Heck, that’s probably how you got to page 2 or maybe the bottom of page 1. 

We’ve learned how to create the natural language patterns that Google is looking for to push your website to the top. 

Natural Language Patterns Are Influencing Googles Alogorigthm

Search Signals Are Influencing Google's Algorithm

No one (except Google) knows for sure, but we believe that natural language patterns are one third, if not more, of the overall ranking factors needed of reach the top of page one. 

Without this third component it is almost impossible to rank above the big brands that are dominating page one for your primary keywords. It isn’t impossible, but it will take a lot longer to achieve your goals without this third piece of the pie. 

High volume search keywords are worth a lot of money. And this is especially true for ‘buyer’ keywords. 

These are the keywords that can have a significant positive impact on your business if you’re found on the top of page one. These are also the keywords the big companies value so much. Which is why pushing past them in rankings can be so difficult to do. 


Traditional SEO Is Gone! Big Brands Are Dominating!

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The Biggest Source Of Word Of Mouth Advertising Is Google

When Done Right, It Creates Trust And “Top Google Rankings”!

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Just like the good old days!

Are you ready to have Google refer your business?  Not all businesses will qualify but it costs nothing to find out if you do. If you don’t qualify, we can help you so you do. Social Climb’s local marketing can help.  

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