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SEO is a confusing topic and one that many small businesses don’t really understand. With so many viewpoints on the subject from SEO is dead to SEO is push button easy, what and who should the small business believe. When a topic like this is so confusing it’s not surprising that so many businesses just avoid it all together.

The fact is everyone is using the internet to find restaurants, services, products and events. So the questions isn’t if your small business should be on the internet, the question is how do you get in front of consumers when they are looking for you? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our affordable small business SEO solutions are scalable with simple entry level plans to full service domination programs. Start with our discovery form or request a consultation. There is never any obligation and you will gain a wealth of information about marketing your small business. Call us to learn more about our affordable small business SEO packages.


Inaccurate Listings

50% of small businesses have found inaccurate listings of their business

Shop Online

70% of households shop online for local products and services

No Phone Number

60% of local business websites don’t have a phone number listed

Mobile Conversions

48% of local mobile searches result in a phone call to the business

Ignore Paid Ads

70% to 80% of online users ignore the  paid advertisements

Don't Visit Page 2

75% of online users never click past the first page search results

Is Your Online Marketing Working For You Or Against You?

Do you know if your website is working for you? Do you have a way to track visitors or calls generated from your website? Most small businesses don’t know lead generation serviceshow well their website is performing for them. And quite honestly, many large businesses don’t know either. Analytics are an important component of knowing what is working and what isn’t working when it comes to your marketing dollars.

We live in a fast paced, mobile world today. Consumers want:

  • Fast loading websites
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Easy navigation
  • Quick access to contact information
  • Good, interesting content
  • To be entertained

Internet users have a tendency to ignore paid ads and typically resort to these if they don’t find what they want in the organic search. They rarely click through to page two of the search results and almost 50% of searches are from a mobile device.

So what does this mean for your small business? You need to be found on page one with a mobile friendly website that is easy to navigate and clearly provides contact information for visitors. Your site should also make it easy for visitors to find the most important information they are looking for. This means you need to understand which page your online visitors are visiting the most and how much time they spend there.

As you can see being found on page one is important and will increase the traffic and conversions which equates to more sales and revenue. And when you take the time to really optimize your site for conversions, being found on page one can change your business exponentially. Learn how your small business can also dominate the search results through local SEO.

Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

Find out what your customers see when they visit your website from their smart phone. 


Having a mobile friendly website has become more important than ever. As of April 21, 2015 Google made a major change to their algorithm that allows mobile friendly websites to rank higher in the search results while non-mobile friendly sites would rank lower.

With smartphones becoming a natural part of people’s daily routine, mobile technology will continue to play a major role in a businesses marketing strategy. So you may ask, what exactly is a mobile friendly website? Basically it is a website that is designed to format corretly on a smaller screen – like a tablet or smartphone.

Making your website mobile friendly will improve website load times and user experience. This leads to users spending more time on your site, reading your content and learning about your products or services.

Even though Google rolled out their algorithm change some time ago it is never too late to update your website. Optimising a website for mobile devices has proven to increase engagement. 90% of internet users report that they switch between devices when doing research. This means that they may find you on their mobile device and then continue their research on a desktop or vice versa.


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