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In our experience we found that many small businesses are unclear how sales and marketing work together. And in some cases small business owners don’t consider marketing an important component of their business strategy. But for those small business owners who do understand the importance of a smart marketing strategy for their business, many find themselves struggling to monitor performance and find the real ROI for their campaigns.

With the huge array of strategic marketing tools available for small businesses it can become a confusing and time consuming process to keep up with the performance of all your marketing endeavors. Today small business owners don’t have the time to login to multiple platforms or deal with a complex setup process and support that is on the other side of the planet.

That’s why Social Climb has developed a single dashboard system where small business owners can login to their personal dashboard and see the performance of all their marketing programs in one easy to navigate site. You’ll find all your SEO statistics, reputation monitoring, email marketing campaigns, website performance and social media analytics.

Let us help Change your Business with increased Visibility, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, Customers, Revenue and Profits!

When you have the right tools for the job, the job becomes easier to manage and you get better results. Social Climb understands the importance of managing every marketing campaign with real performance data.

Every company large and small needs the ability to see what is happening in their business long before it begins to impact their bottom line. Real time data lets you see the impact of everything from a new marketing campaign, to a change in sales strategies and customer service. When you can see what is working and what isn’t working, you’ll be in a position to make changes quickly and ramp up your successes.

Most people think of real time data as something specifically for social media but in reality social media is only a small component of what you want to analyze.

Our dashboard “1 Source Analytics” provides our clients with real time data for their website performance, PPC campaigns, social media engagement, reputation management, email campaign performance and lead generation. Imagine having one source for all your marketing analytics, one login and one password. Not only do you have everything in one place you’ll have access to our world class consultants.

At Social Climb we are dedicated to helping small businesses increase their visibility, traffic, leads and sales. Another words we are partners in your success.

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Important Metrics For Digital Marketing Campaigns

These metrics are extremely important for both SEO and PPC campaigns. There are certain metrics inside of site traffic that you’ll want to pay particular attention to.

Site Traffic: Your overall site traffic tells you the number of visitors per day but more importantly, how many unique visitors per day.

Traffic Sources: Looking at the traffic sources and the keywords used to find your website will help you strategize your digital marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking: Call tracking services allow you to track specific campaigns via the number of calls you receive and the quality of these leads.

Mobile traffic: Traffic from mobile devices is growing rapidly. Knowing what percentage of your traffic is mobile will guide you on when to begin looking at mobile marketing and other revenue sources.

PPC Campaigns: CPC (cost per click) ads can be very expensive if your campaign isn’t optimized properly. Your cost per click value is based on how popular your chosen keywords are and you quality score is influenced by your CTR (click through rate). By improving your keyword selection, you can improve your CTR and lower your CPC expense.

Click Through Rate: Each time your ad is viewed it counts as an impression. Your CTR (click through rate) is a measure of how many people clicked on your ads. As mentioned before, the higher your CTR the higher your quality score will be. The higher your quality score the lower your PPC costs are.

Converting website traffic into business leads and sales is the main goal of any digital marketing campaign. Metrics within Conversion you should pay particular attention to:

Conversion Rate: Whether your goal is to collect valuable information about your website visitors or to convert site visitors into sales, monitoring your conversion rates can provide you with the information needed to determine if your campaign was successful.

Cost Per Lead: This metric defines the lead conversion ratio of a particular campaign and its corresponding cost. These insights give the business owner real data on whether or not their campaign was profitable.

Bounce Rate: Some visitors immediately  leave or “bounce” should they find your content irrelevant to their needs. A few changes to your website can reduce your bounce rate and ultimately your sales.

Average Page Views: The more page views generated from each visitor the more engaging your website is. Obviously the more engaged they are, the greater your influence which leads to higher conversions.

Rate of Return Visitors: Your websites popularity is not only defined by the number of visitors you generate each month but also by the rate of returning visitors.

Revenue metrics are extremely important and will tell you if a particular campaign is profitable or not so you can make adjustments quickly.

ROI: Return On Investment helps you identify which area in your digital marketing campaign is driving sales and revenues. It will also tell you which areas need improvement or an overhaul.

Cost to Acquire A Customer: This is the total of your marketing and advertising costs over a particular time frame divided by how many new paying customers were generated during that same period.


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