Online marketing gives business the ability to generate a great deal of marketing data to access and manage marketing campaigns and programs. Today digital marketing allows us to reach consumers in many different ways and to track the performance of our efforts.

Measuring Your Marketing Results:

Website Analytics: Learn where your website visitors are coming from. Identify strengths and lost opportunities. Quality of traffic is more important than the amount of traffic your website gets.

Landing Page Analytics: Landing pages are used when you’re running a special promotion or promoting a specific product or service. Much like your website you’ll want to track your visitors and sources.

Call Tracking Phone Numbers: Call tracking is when you use a unique phone number in your ads so you can track the exact number of calls generated from a given campaign.

Our All-in-One Platform “1 Source Analytics” provides businesses with the critical data needed to monitor their digital marketing.

marketing metrics for small business

All-in-One Platform Advantages

Most businesses, both large and small, have disjointed goals when it comes to developing a strategic marketing plan. It isn’t too difficult to focus on each of the individual metrics but focusing on the larger business goals doesn’t come as easy.

strategic marketing analytics

Our 1 Source Analytics dashboard provides our clients with one centralized location to access all the important metrics needed for monitoring your marketing campaigns.

strategic marketing analytics tools

Learning how to read your metrics and what they mean can be confusing at first. Our all-in-one dashboard gives you quick and easy access to training resources and one-on-one consultations.

marketing metrics for small business

Are companies, large and small strategically using analytics to grow their business?

Data driven marketing has always been important but now it is easier for businesses of all sizes to acquire the data necessary to manage individual campaigns. The biggest challenge for small businesses today isn’t having access to the many analytics available, but rather knowing where to get it and how to read it.

Most small businesses continue to wing it because it takes too much time and effort to pull all of the data together. Then there is the challenge of interpreting the data and knowing what to do with it. Our 1 Source Analytics dashboard puts all of this information in one easy to access website – giving your 24/7 access. Our team is available to help you interpret the data and answer any questions.

Today businesses of all sizes have embraced marketing analytics, recognizing that detailed metrics are crucial to internet marketing success. The intangible data like clicks and Likes can be used to guide strategies. The majority of compaies using Google Analytics are measuring traffic and conversions.

If you’ve invested in building a website and online presence, you need to know how well your website and online marketing strategies are working.

Marketing analytics has made their business more successful

Plan to increase their marketing analytics

Use Google Analytics to manage campaigns


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