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Twitter Proves the Power of the Right Words to the Right Market

For more than 20 years I earned “my keep” by selling to, teaching, training and consulting in advertising and marketing. I worked for and with numerous small independent media entities, as well as for media giants, like Times Mirror Corporation. But, no matter what size the audience or its’ advertisers, I almost always ended up having the “less is better” conversation. It ended with my insistence that just because your organization has a wide-based audience, doesn’t mean you have to tell every one of them, everything, in every communiqué. It is your marketing and branding program that collectively, tells the “whole story” of what your organization, does and stands for.

Enter Twitter. When it launched, many “seasoned” marketers were a little confused. We quickly took note that this new platform didn’t “look” or “act” like the others we had just gotten used to. We couldn’t quite figure out how 140 simple characters could really make a difference on our P&L. And, then we began to “get it” and as the lights came on… the number of users and fans continued to grow. “Getting it” has benefited the number of connections, clients and sales of some of America’s largest and smallest organizations. In upcoming blogs we’ll share some of the campaigns that were “spot-on” to help you develop some great ideas of your own.

business marketing on twitterNon-profit organizations, like The Susan Komen have benefited from Twitter. Many powerful “for-profit” organizations that previously dominated traditional media, have also jumped onboard the winning Twitter social media platform, including Best Buy, Old Spice, Wal-Mart, and Walgreen. While small and emerging businesses all over the United States have quickly learned how to take Twitter to the bank as well. California’s Kogi Barbeque, Wisconsin’s AJ Bombers and Kansas’ Zoomdweebies Teas have all increased their traffic, connections and sales by crafting just the right Tweets for their growing list of followers and customers. Even world famous Gary Vaynerchuk often held up as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world has taken his wine library in New York to unprecedented heights.

In a very short time, Twitter has become one of the strongest marketing platforms to build connections, drive traffic and create excitement, with a minimal investment of time and talent. At Social Climb, we teach our clients how the right 140 characters can begin to really multiply the effects of all your marketing collectively and help to shift your organization into high gear.

We think the best part of Twitter is that you don’t have to…

…be or have a professional journalist or copy writer to do well
…spend thousands in pre-production costs
…know a thing about media buying
…have much experience in marketing

What does it take to be successful utilizing Twitter? Here is our 7-step checklist for Twitter success.

  1. A solid understanding of your product or service
  2. A good understanding of the competitive environment
  3. A well thought-out strategy
  4. Knowledge of your target markets
  5. Clarity on what motivates your targets
  6. A solid strategy for Twitter with pre-planned, pre-written Tweets
  7. A plan where you will drive the traffic (website or other social media platform)

We’d love to hear from you about how Twitter is working for your organization, tips you might share with other about your success or ongoing challenges that you would like to find answers for! We’ll continue to share more with you in the future, including successful ideas, concepts and campaigns!

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