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Go Viral: Social Media is Electronic Word-of-Mouth Advertising (Part II)

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Social Media for Branding, Positioning and Connecting

Social media allows you to create and establish your brand, to position your organization exactly where your prospects and buyers are, and then to connect on unified points of importance with the ongoing goal of gaining new prospects, customers, followers, supporters and referrals. Social media allows you to affordably, multiplying the success and happiness of past and current clients to draw in new followers and prospects.

Then, taking your good reputation to the next step, social media provides you the opportunity to drive lucrative new buyers to your website, your door or your phone ordering center in “real time”. In fact, social media is now so accessible, that it doesn’t even matter where your consumers are, since more than 50% of them are tapping into their trusted social media sites while on the go, directly from their mobile devices. Just imagine the potential income of being able to deliver a customized, direct response message to your best clients on a slow day at the store or the restaurant or as a boost to build up to a successful special program or event!

Consumers Use Social Media

No matter what products or services you offer, you can rest assured that consumers are talking about it on their social media platforms. Providers of products or services wise enough to establish a strategic social media presence are really creating platforms for these conversations to take place. Like the storefronts of past times, these social media sites are literally gathering places for information, customers, and future buyers. .

As you move forward to take new social media ground, keep in mind that your current customers are feeding you now, but it is their referrals, along with your new found social network prospects that will feed you later. But, the best part is that all the while you are maintaining a social media presence; you are also observing, contributing to, building upon and creating new conversations that will allow you to keep the “real time” pulse of your brand, while simultaneously, increasing your revenue potential.

Consumers Of All Ages Share Daily on Social Media

Marketing 101 says that to achieve optimum success, your business must target the best prospective buyers for the best benefits of your product or service. Social media platforms allow you to be where your customers, prospects, followers, supporters and partners are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike traditional media, which is dependent upon your seeing that commercial or hearing that radio spot at the exact time it runs, social media is like a salesperson who works 24/7. And, since one in five happy customers will share good news or appraisals of products and services with their social network… a strong social media package will assure you that you always are privy to your buyers most intimate thoughts, wants and needs whether your prospects are male or female, or 15, 45 or 65.

Social Media is a Part of the Marketing Puzzle

No one marketing tool is a “one-size-fits-all” solution to market any business, non-profit or government program to any type of market. However, there is no doubt that social media is now an intricate part of the marketing puzzle. No matter what your products or services are, where the buyers are, or what their demographic profile looks like, social media is here to stay. As traditional media ROI continues to fall, social media is taking up the slack in many organizations.

So, it is not if you should use social media… it is how you use it! Case histories show that organizations from Dell, to DelTaco, from Wal-Mart to Walgreens, have benefited from developing a strong, customized social media presence that is appropriate for their audiences. The better your organization is at creating a unified sales and marketing strategy, look and message, the faster you will begin to see a return on your investment.

social media for businessYou want to first solidify your current customer base with your social media presence, then you want to reach back to former customers to reconnect, and lastly to begin to locate and cultivate new target markets segments that are appropriate for your products and services. You don’t want to avoid mass marketing opportunities, but social media allows you to segment and drill down on unique opportunities in your target market. In fact, many of Social Climb’s clients decide to go with our agency to kick up their overall social media, as well as to help them locate and engage the exploding Latino market, which was previously underrated and most often, overlooked. It is the constant barrage of new messages and studies seen daily in social media that brought to light the huge potential in this previously untapped market segment.

Quite frankly, nobody buys much more than a pair of socks these days without turning to their friends on social media platforms to gain new opinions, to read end-user reviews and ratings, and ultimately, to get “the good, the bad, and ugly” details needed to make a buying decision. From clothing to technology, colleges to jobs, homes to cars… social media is now a part of the general buying process and the sooner you accept and embrace this, the better off your organization will be. Social media networks are being utilized to; launch, promote and advertise products of all price ranges, to engage customers with contests, games and surveys, to share valuable information and to create platforms for building and interacting with current, past and potential customers almost daily.

Still thinking about trying social media? Are you giving social media a half-hearted attempt? This could be a mistake that you might now be able to recover from. I caution you; organizations that do not take the social media leap NOW will spend many years and a substantial more amount of money for the chance to play catch-up later. Because the one thing that no organization can do, is create and establish a well thought-out, publicly visible presence with a huge following and massive interaction… overnight. No matter how diligent you are or how much you invest, it still takes a reasonable amount of time. It takes time to get these social media platforms established, time to fill these sites with appropriate, motivating, informational content. And, it takes time to build up a large enough, loyal interactive group of followers to reflect the true strength, credibility, and longevity of your organization.

For more information on the benefits of social media marketing and how to use it in your business, contact us for a free getting started consultation

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