Social Media is More Than a Marketing Tool

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Mother Nature and disaster can strike anywhere at any time leaving people disconnected from their families and during these times we see how social media is more than a marketing tool. Tornadoes have swept across the country in the last few weeks leaving people homeless and disconnected from their families.

Social media became the life line for one such family when disaster hit Dexter Michigan. Ellen Creager of the Detroit Free Press reports on how social media is more than a marketing tool and allowed Ms. DeGregorio to communicate with family and friends.

The family fled to the Lamp Post Inn in Ann Arbor, where DeGregorio posted to Facebook: “Out of all the cul de sacs in all the world, a tornado had to demolish mine. Everyone is OK.”

She kept posting, communicating with people in the storm’s path and with relatives and friends, some of whom could not reach her any other way.

“The neighborhood was very chaotic. My nephew who lives out of state couldn’t reach me on the phone, but he was able to reach me on Facebook.”

Just as social media has functioned during recent disasters worldwide, Facebook and Twitter served as mini news bureaus, with citizen reporters letting others know what was happening on their rainy corners.

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The US Geological Survey has been using Twitter to monitor earthquakes around the world from their Twitter handle @earthquake. They found that people report an earthquake within a couple seconds of quake while their scientific alerts can take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes.

We have also seen companies like Dell, Best Buy and Comcast to name a few use Twitter and Facebook as a help desk and to manage customer service issues. Social media is more than a marketing tool, how are you using social media and how has it changed the way you communicate?

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