Social Climb provides organic SEO (search engine optimization) services to help businesses achieve page one ranking for their website… but more importantly getting our clients more traffic and conversions.

So why is organic SEO so important? Some businesses invest a lot of money in paid advertisements to be on the first page of the search engines and are content with the results. Unfortunately, these businesses don’t understand how organic SEO works. Basically, organic SEO is free advertising but it does take a lot of work and know how to acheive page one. Being found on page one for some obscure keyword or phrase that no one is searching for isn’t going to bring you more sales. Conversly, gaining page one with a website that isn’t designed to convert traffic into sales is of no value either.

Being found on page one for buyer keywords and phrases with a high converting website design will turn your website into a work horse that brings in sales day after day, month after month without spending a dime on advertising. SEO is a short term investment that delivers long term results.


SEO services should be affordable for businesses large and small, startup or established. We make every effort to help our clients achieve their goals while staying within their defined budget. Yes, you do need a budget and we will help you develop a smart marketing game plan that grows as your business grows.

seo for contrators

We have the experience delivering all types of marketing services for home services contractors and SEO is no exception. Our expereince ranges from window and carpet cleaning businesses to foundation repair and roofing companies. The demand for home improvement services is on the rise and consumers are using the internet to find a reputable company to help.

Our SEO for contractors delivers real time leads that have helped local contractors expand their business and meet their long term goals. With our SEO services a couple sales a month can more than pay for your SEO program.


SEO for medical professionals

Our knowledge and experience in SEO for medical professionals is among the top in the country. Most medical practices from chiropractors to dentists and optometrists to cosmetic surgeons need to reach a small local area with their medical practice. Because most people won’t drive 10, 20 or more miles for a doctor or dental visit, your marketing sphere is smaller and so is your competition.

Investing more time, energy and budget with a smart local marketing strategy will yield higher results and a greater return on your marketing investment. We take a look at your competition and develop a smart marketing SEO strategy that will provide your practice with the best long term results.


affordable seo company

Being found on the local map listing can make a major difference in your overall marketing strategy. Because these listings are at the top and designed to stand out the top three get the majority of the traffic.

Ideally, most businesses are going to want to be found in the local map listing as well as the organic results. By being found in multiple page one positions, you dramatically increase the click through rate to your website. This is referred to as dominating page one. Let us help you dominate page one for your business with local SEO.


guaranteed SEO services

There are millions of small businesses across the United States and many don’t realize just how easy it is to achieve top rankings for their business with small business SEO. Sadly, many small businesses don’t have a website or are still running on a website that is outdated and not providing any value.

Most small businesses are content with a website that doesn’t bring in new business because their competition isn’t doing anything either. Being the first one to the starting gate means less competition, faster page one rankings and less cost to get there. Don’t wait for your competition to make a move… be the first and win big!


organic SEO company

Did you invest big dollars in the production of a great video commercial or white board video with the belief that it was going to help you close more sales? If so, you’re not alone. Most video production companies are great at making videos that convert and sell but if no one can find it the value diminishes quickly.

We help businesses rank their existing video on page one or we’ll create a great marketing video and get it on page one where it can be seen – video SEO. Today people are watching more video online than ever. Imagine having your website on page one for organic listings, page one of the maps and a video on page one. That’s how you dominate the search engines and grow your business.




Most small and medium sized business don’t have the time or resources to manage their own SEO program. And with all of the changes in SEO over the last few years, if you don’t know what it takes to rank a website on the first page of the search engines, you could do more harm than good.

We have helped many companies who hired a friend or fly by night agency to help with their online rankings. Some of these companies later discover that their website is no where to be found in the first 100 results and in some cases the cost to repair the damage just doesn’t make sense to try and starting over with a new website is the best solution.

Search Engine Optimization has changed so dramatically that previous experts are now saying that SEO is dead or have gotten out of the industry all together. Unfortunately, many businesses have invested their hard earned money with companies that are unable to deliver results. Trusting a company to deliver when you’ve been burned before isn’t easy…

We too are a small business and know the importance of managing cash flow as well as making smart marketing decisions. We have so much confidence in our SEO skills that we provide a unique guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else. We put our money where our mouth is. So give us a call, submit your discovery form or schedule a free consultation.

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