5 Keys to the Perfect SEO Blog Post

Writing can sometimes be hard enough without having to worry about optimizing it for search and rankings. Keeping your content interesting, informative and/or entertaining isn’t enough if no one can find what you’ve written about. here are a few tips to help you develop the perfect SEO blog post.
Research the Best Keywords
With a little bit of research you should be able to find out what people are searching. Discovering the ways in which the average browser searches for goods and services on the internet can help you figure out the best methods for leading potential customers to your business. Try to make a list of 10 to 20 different words, and choose 3 or 4 of them to create the perfect blog post.

seoCheck the Keyword Density
The last thing you want to do is over-stuff your SEO blog post with the keywords you have chosen. While you want the density to be large enough for the blog post to register on search engines, you definitely don’t want it to sound too pushy or fake. Keep in mind that they ideal keyword density for the perfect SEO blog post is between .5% and 2% for most topics.
No Automated Writing
You may be tempted to use an automated writer for your search engine optimized blog posts, but that could be a very big mistake. Readers can tell when a computer has generated information and when a real person has taken the time to write it out. Most of the time, audiences prefer the latter. Slow down and write a piece on your own that will catch the attention of all readers. After all, you are much more relatable than a computer.
Make It Informative
People search for things on the internet because they want to know more about a specific topic. If your SEO blog post does not give the reader any new information, they will naturally look elsewhere. While trying to bring your post to the top of the search engines with perfect SEO, don’t forget about the importance of the information contained within that post.
Entertain While You Explain
It never hurts to make your potential customers laugh, or to inspire them in some way. Your SEO blog post can be packed with the perfect keywords. It can have an impeccable density and a human’s touch too, but if it doesn’t inspire the reader to act or think then it is pretty much just a bunch of words grouped together on a page. While you explain your position you should also be encouraging audiences towards a common goal. In other words, the perfect SEO blog post will have all the aforementioned elements while also including a call-to-action.

Now that you’ve crafted a great blog post, you want to give it a boost so that it can be found online and benefit your business. Always share your new blog post on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to name a few. And always, always include a link back to the article.

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  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar

    Hi Jamie,

    This is a short but really good article. Generally when we wrote articles for SEO, we forget the human side of articles that they should be readable, understandable and enjoyable.

    May I ask something? It is all about Perfect SEO Post. Shouldn’t we include Article Structure as a point, too?

    Hope you will reply soon…

  • Jamie Gallegos
    Jamie Gallegos

    There are many elements and yes, structure is a big one. Although, SEO structure is a complex system that can differ widely depending on the market. Local SEO is very different from organic and national SEO is very different from Global. There are numerous blogs dedicated to just SEO and I imagine that they would never run out of things to write about.

    If you have some good tips for our audience that would help them with the structure, please feel free to share. Thanks for your comments and input!

  • Mocha

    You can make a list of 10 to 20 different words and then select 3 or 4 of them to write the perfect blog post.

  • Nathan

    While you want the density to be large enough for the Web page content to register on search engines, we did not copy or spin Keep in mind that the ideal keyword density for the perfect web page is between 400 hundred word in .3%and 2% for most topics. And blog posting content in 400 hundred content keyword density is 5% or 2% in the blog post.
    Because Google adds title and meta description keyword on the site so keyword density is high on your site.
    Thank you so much for sharing this nice and informative post.

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