You may think that monitoring your businesses brand and reputation is only for the large, enterprise level companies, nothing can be further from the truth. Every business, regardless of the size, should have reputation monitoring among the top priorities for their business.

With social media on the rise, it has become easier for consumers to share their opinions online. We all love the positive comments and these endorsements can go a longways in building your positive brand. However negative comments and reviews, whether they are true or not, can scare off a lot of potential business.

Properly managing your brand and reputation online will play a major role in how your business is perceived. It only takes a few negative reviews to undo all the work you’ve put into building a positive brand for your business. According to a study by Dimensional Research, 86% of respondents said that buying decisions were influenced by negative reviews online.

This is why monitoring your online reputation and managing what is being said is such an essential component of marketing for every business. Even if you have several customers leaving positive reviews online about your business, the negative ones can still have an impact on visitors if negative reviews are responded to correctly.

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Reputation Monitoring Services

Monitoring Software

Our software is actively monitoring the top review sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Google and more – 24/7 Monitoring

Real Time Alerts

Anytime a review is posted online an alert is automatically generated and sent so you can respond quickly.

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Monthly Reports

Monthly reports provide you with the important information about the overall state of your reputation online.

5 Star Support

Speak with a real person – not a recording, when you have questions or need support.

How’s Your Online Reputation?


We provide reputation monitoring for small business. Monitoring your online reputation as you’ve learned is essential for every business. You don’t want to be at the mercy of online comments, instead use these comments to your advantage. What we do to monitor, manage and promote your reputation online.

Research, Setup & Claim Directories – Thousands of consumers search the local directories like, Yelp, Superpages, Yahoo local and Google Maps looking for a reputable company. Claiming your listing on these major directories is the first step in making sure you can manage what is being said about your brand online.
Bury Negative Reviews – There isn’t a mechanism to regulate or ensure fairness when it comes to reviews being posted online. Each negative review posted is not only being read by consumers but it also brings down your overall reputation score on that specific review site. By averaging up your reviews we essentially bury the negative reviews and increase your overall review score.

Develop a Review Strategy – Studies have found that consumers read an average of 10 reviews before making a buying decision. Studies have also found that customers don’t trust a company with less than 10 five star reviews. Our strategy will equip  you with a simple process that will keep raving customer reviews pouring each and every month.
Staff Training – We provide you with your own proprietary reputation marketing training for staff members. This training will educate and inspire them get involved in developing and maintaining your businesses 5 star reputation. By being proactive in building a 5 star brand reputation, you’ll practically be guaranteed as a market leader and being among the most trusted companies in your area.


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