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Build an Empire With A Consistent Marketing Strategy

Make a Sale. Make Some Money.
Create a Consistent Marketing Program . . . Build an Empire

Many business owners don’t really know where to start with marketing, so they dabble a little money here, sprinkle a few bucks there, and on occasion, step up and ask for a review, testimonial or referral. The companies that make BIG MONEY . . .  the ones who become Google and Facebook empires, do all of these things . . .  all the time. Successful businesses know that making “a sale” today will keep the doors open now, while building a consistent, uniform online marketing presence will lay the foundation for years of growth and prosperity.

In a perfect world, we would “just do it”! We’d come up with great marketing ideas and hire talented folks to write and implement them. Then . . . we’d wait to be rich. But, since this is the real world, the best advice for any business organization is to develop a cohesive, strategic marketing plan based on market research, and implemented in stages over a period of time. This provides the organization an opportunity to continue to build the market presence as budgets, growth and talent will allow.

The Number One Goal of Every Organization Must Be to Create a Public Online Persona that Clearly and Consistently Reflects “Who” Your Business is, “Who” You Serve, and What Differentiates You in the Marketplace

consistent marketing strategyEvery message you publish must reflect and perpetuate the organization’s overall corporate image and goals. Every message, whether social or paid digital marketing, whether your website or your LinkedIn, must support your clearly defined message in order to solidify the image you are creating. Sometimes the only difference between company A and company B is that you’ve heard of company A.

Do your homework, set your plan, and on a predetermined basis, bump it up to another level by augmenting your marketing with additional investments, apps or Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing. As each level builds the overall impact will be so much more collectively than any of it was on its own. Once you have all these pieces in place, it will be much easier to continue to grow your presence and your market share. Keep in mind also that effective marketing has always been a living and breathing thing that must adapt to remain effective! So, while we may love some forms of marketing more than others, the ones that count, are the ones that work!

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Happy Marketing!

Jamie Gallegos

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Jamie is the Founder and President of Social Climb a full service marketing agency located in Englewood Colorado. Jamie's expertise is in search engine optimization and strategic marketing solutions. With more than 15 years of website design and internet marketing Jamie is an advocate for small businesses across the U.S.

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