Call Tracking – The Tool Every Small Business Can’t Afford To Be Without

Your phone is ringing, it’s a customer who wants to do business with you and they got your number from – – hmmm, you have no idea where they found you.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money on your marketing campaigns and strategies – – your website, social media, sleek postcards and mailers, email campaigns or maybe an expensive video series. Without some type of call tracking program you have no way of knowing which marketing strategies are working and which ones are just costing you money. This is a problem we see with companies of all sizes and industries.

Phone call tracking may sound complicated but in fact it so much easier than you think. With the right tools and a little understanding how it works, you’ll be positioned to know exactly which campaigns and marketing mediums are returning a positive stream of revenue and which ones are costing you lost revenues.

So what exactly is call tracking?

Call tracking provides you with the important metrics to help you understand how customers found your business. When you have multiple marketing channels working all together it will be imperative that you know which channels are generating the most leads and ultimately the most sales. Call tracking can provide you with the number of calls you receive from each marketing campaign but also which calls lead to sales. As you know the most call activity may not net you the most sales which is ultimately what every business wants.

Another feature of call tracking is the ability to record the calls. By recording all of your calls you will be able to identify potential problems with your call handling scripts and provide additional training where needed to ensure you wring the most out of every phone call.

So how does call tracking work?

Basically call tracking is exactly what it sounds like. You get a different phone number for each marketing campaign you run. So you would have a specific phone number for the postcards you send out, one for your social media, another for your website and so on. When a prospect calls the phone number it is routed through a call tracking program where the call is forwarded to the business.

With this data each call can be traced from the source and whether the call resulted in a sale. If a business chooses to record the calls they will have access to a bountiful amount of information about their products, prices and so much more.

call tracking tools for marketers


Benefits of implementing a call tracking program

  • Identify which marketing programs are working and which are not
  • Correctly attribute marketing sources that are bringing in the most sales
  • Know your ROI for every marketing campaign
  • Save money – no more wasted dollars on ad and marketing programs that don’t work
  • Integrate call tracking with other analytics to give you the whole picture
  • Recapture leads – easily tag leads to follow up later.

Getting started with call tracking is super easy and affordable for everyone. At Social Climb our call tracking program is not only robust but also one of the most affordable on the marketing. Not sure if call tracking is right for your business? Call Social Climb and speak to one of our experts today.

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