Use a lead generation for contractors program that really works. You can stop paying for shared leads, stop bartering your fees just to win the business and get real customers who are looking for your services.

We are different from most lead generation services. You only pay for real leads and we don’t require any money upfront to get started. If you offer services at competitive rates and can close deals then you’ll love our services. We bring you prospects that either need your service right now or will need them in the near future. Weekly reports provide you will real data so you can see your ROI from week to week.

Some of the industries we have worked with are: Roofers, plumbers, HVAC repair, tile installers, window cleaners, powerwashing services, junk removal, appliance repair, carpet cleaners, gutter cleaning services, remediation services, garage door repair, remodeling and more.

If you provide any type of service for homeowners, we most likely have a solution to get you more leads. Getting started is easy. Just give us a call and tell us your weekly lead goals. We will take a look at your market, the demand in your local area and your competition. Then we will devise a solution that gets your phone ringing quickly. But we don’t stop there…. we monitor performance and make adjustments as need to ensure your phone continues to ring with high quality leads.

Pay Per Call Progam

Our pay per call program drives more customer calls to business and significantly reduces your advertising risk.

Make More Money

Increase your profitability. Spend less time on promoting your business and more time servicing your  customers.

Satisfaction Guranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. You only pay for real, exclusive, qualified leads with no long term contracts.


roofing contractor testimonial

I really need to focus on what makes me money in the roofing contracting industry, so I don’t have the time to invest in talking to marketing people all day. From my website (that generates ongoing qualified leads,even in a down season), to my reputation and social media marketing, Social Climb has done it all! I spend my time providing top notch service to my clients and building valuable professional relationships, which makes a lot more sense than trying to keep up with all the many marketing tentacles that Social Climb has created for me. I trust them to look out for me and would encourage other contractors to look at the options they provide for less money than those lead sources that charge multiple contractors big bucks for the same leads.

~ RJ Rodriguez, Mountain State Roofing


70% of home service contractors don’t answer the phone and their follow up process is weak. Our statistics show that more often than not people are hanging up if they don’t reach a live person. For every call answered 2-3 are hanging up.
Calling your referrals as fast as humanly possible is the key to closing more jobs when using lead generation services. Statistics have proven that calling a lead back within minutes of their call will close more leads and win you more projects.

Lack of follow up leads to 80% of lost business. Although you may think your bothering a prospect with repeat calls, statistics show that making two calls instead of just one will increase your chance of winning the business by 87%.
Although answering the phone is a huge step in the right direction, how you answer and respond to prospects is the key to taking your business to the next level. Great customer service on the phone will set your business apart from the competition!


There are a great number of factors that play into the results a contractor will receive from their lead generation program. First of all no two companies are alike, even those in the same industry. And the demand for services can vary from location to location. But varying factors can also include some very important factors such as:

  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Price of Services
  • Who’s answering the Phone
  • Personality & Phone Script
  • The Follow up Process
  • References & Reviews Online

Some contractors who provide quality workmanship, have a lot of references and offer a fair price can close more deals without being a great salesman or needing to use an aggressive follow up process.

Although, a contractor who has excellent sales skills and strong process to follow up with prospects may close alot jobs even though they may not provide quality work, fair pricing or any references.

As you can see, no two companies are the same which is why results can vary so greatly. At Social Climb we take the time to understand each contractors strengths and weaknesses so we can help all our clients close more sales and grow their bottom line year over year.

Are you ready to get started with a lead generation for contractors program that really works? We are among the top home improvement lead generation companies online.

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