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Valuable Statistics You Need To Know About Reputation Marketing

The world is changing. Have you heard of Yelp, Yellow Pages, Urban Spoon, Trip Advisor, Angie’s List and many of the other online directories? There is one thing all of these have in common. These online directories spend millions of dollars in advertisement each year educating the consumer on the importance and value in researching a company’s reputation before buying a product or service.

You can easily get an instant report card for your business by simply typing your companies name into the Google search bar. In most cases all of these directories will show up in the search results along with your company’s website. This is exactly what your potential customers will see when someone refers them to your business, they pick up your business card somewhere or receive a flyer in the mail. Whether you have good reviews, bad reviews or no reviews, your potential customer is formulating an opinion about your business. And this opinion will determine if they want to take the next step and consider purchasing from you or if they ‘re going to keep looking for another company.  That’s how important your online reputation is when marketing to today’s digital consumer.

How to deal with negative reviews

How Best To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

Negative reviews online can seriously impact a business’s bottom line as more and more consumers are researching their purchases online – and complain when something didn’t go right or their way. Having an action plan and strategy for dealing with negative reviews is something every business should have in place before the problem crops up.

A negative review can cost a business sales. Consumers love to read the reviews before choosing a restaurant, making a purchase or finding a good dentist, pediatrician or local contractor. But a negative review doesn’t always equate to lost sales and revenue if it is handled correctly.

reputation marketing

Reputation Review Commercials for Small Business

A new online marketing strategy that positions your local business as a leader and can help you get more traffic, leads and customers. One of the biggest challenges for most local businesses is SEO, branding and reputation marketing. These strategies were once believed to be expensive and out of reach for small businesses.

We have solved this challenge and are now helping businesses just like yours to dominate your local market. We’ve created what we refer to as the “Review Commercial”. And we take it to the next step by ranking it high on the search results. This means that whenever a prospective customer searches for your type of business in your local area, your business will stand out as the company with the best reputation and we know that consumers want to do business with a reputable company.

So what exactly is a review commercial?

reputation marketing

Business are Looking to Improve Branding and Engagement

Consumer buying habits have changed with the popularity of social media and mobile technology. Consumers are now looking at social media branding and engagement as a part of their buying decision. Reviews and social proof effect our buying decisions and in a recent study by iModerate Research Technologies they found that 67% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter and 51% more likely from brands they follow on Facebook.

So what has caused such a drastic shift? I think it is a combination of many things coming together all at once. First the economy has caused everyone to spend more wisely – even those who have not been directly affected by the economy want reassurance that they have made the right decision. Additionally, social media has made it easier to get a recommendation or a second opinion. And lastly, technology has put powerful mobile applications in our hands that allow us to make price comparisons and check consumer reviews right in the store prior to our purchase.

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