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Build an Empire With A Consistent Marketing Strategy

Make a Sale. Make Some Money.
Create a Consistent Marketing Program . . . Build an Empire

Many business owners don’t really know where to start with marketing, so they dabble a little money here, sprinkle a few bucks there, and on occasion, step up and ask for a review, testimonial or referral. The companies that make BIG MONEY . . .  the ones who become Google and Facebook empires, do all of these things . . .  all the time. Successful businesses know that making “a sale” today will keep the doors open now, while building a consistent, uniform online marketing presence will lay the foundation for years of growth and prosperity.

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Reputation Review Commercials for Small Business

A new online marketing strategy that positions your local business as a leader and can help you get more traffic, leads and customers. One of the biggest challenges for most local businesses is SEO, branding and reputation marketing. These strategies were once believed to be expensive and out of reach for small businesses.

We have solved this challenge and are now helping businesses just like yours to dominate your local market. We’ve created what we refer to as the “Review Commercial”. And we take it to the next step by ranking it high on the search results. This means that whenever a prospective customer searches for your type of business in your local area, your business will stand out as the company with the best reputation and we know that consumers want to do business with a reputable company.

So what exactly is a review commercial?

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The Case for Consistency in Marketing

Studies have proven that the single most important element in effective advertising and marketing is Consistency. The long-term goal of businesses that grow to be self-sustaining is not to just market today to gain short-term response from each message or a “special” respectively. The ultimate goal is to gain such a high level of market exposure that potential prospects will think of “your company” automatically when they are looking for your product or service. This is called “Top of the Mind Awareness”.

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Social Media Analysis and Monitoring – Beyond ROI

When we hear the words “Social Media Analysis” most people immediately think of ROI (return on investment). But how realistic is it to measure your social media – it’s likened to measuring the ROI of your business phone. Your business phone is a channel or tool for sales, customer service and invaluable for running a business but can you realistically measure the ROI?

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JC Penny is in the News Again!

JC Penny is in the news again! According to an article released to by Advertising Age today, the 25th largest retailer in the US is moving back toward the “Sale” mentality. Ad Age points out that this is “a notable shift for the retailer that annoyed consumers with its ‘No!’ campaign, which derided sales”.

Just a few months ago JC Penny was on their $1.32 billion dollar media pulpit preaching everyday values… instead of sales. So…. what really happened? In my words, not theirs’, they learned that consumers are king! The retailer does not have enough money… or enough time to build a business model that goes against the “norm” in direct consumer sales. This organization is not the first, and unfortunately not the last, retailer to try this everyday value approach without success.

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The Science of Ad Design

We had the wonderful opportunity of providing an in depth Facebook training yesterday for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the SBDC and we had a fantastic turn out. It was a three hour presentation and with as much information as their is to share about Facebook it could have easily been a full day training. Our participants asked some great questions and we wrapped up looking at Facebook ads.

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Business are Looking to Improve Branding and Engagement

Consumer buying habits have changed with the popularity of social media and mobile technology. Consumers are now looking at social media branding and engagement as a part of their buying decision. Reviews and social proof effect our buying decisions and in a recent study by iModerate Research Technologies they found that 67% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter and 51% more likely from brands they follow on Facebook.

So what has caused such a drastic shift? I think it is a combination of many things coming together all at once. First the economy has caused everyone to spend more wisely – even those who have not been directly affected by the economy want reassurance that they have made the right decision. Additionally, social media has made it easier to get a recommendation or a second opinion. And lastly, technology has put powerful mobile applications in our hands that allow us to make price comparisons and check consumer reviews right in the store prior to our purchase.

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Mobile Payment Systems are Reaching Small Local Businesses

If you’ve ever hosted an event, setup a table at a trade show or even had a garage sale you’ve probably contemplated how nice it would be if you could find a mobile payment system for accepting credit cards. Well, technology is catching up in a big way. Pay Pal is one of the newest on the scene for processing mobile payments.

Don’t run a Group Deal without Reading this First!

Shoppers of all ages, cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds and demographics… are buzzing about “Group Buying” and “Daily Deal” Sites! You can’t search online for a product or service, without seeing an ad from Groupon, Living Social, Beget or one of the now hundreds of national and local “Group Buying” sites. The trend has caught on amazingly fast, as the “Daily Deal” advertising process allows money strapped businesses to tap into huge, lucrative networks of new buyers… without any money out-of-pocket. And, while some organizations now are regular participants in Group Buying marketing with excellent results… others who have tried and lost, can be quoted saying, “Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision…” So, why is it that one business finds Group Buying sites a panacea and others a nightmare?

The Good… The Bad… And the Ugly, Horrifying OMG! Of Group Buying Daily Deals – “Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision!”

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Twitter Proves the Power of the Right Words to the Right Market

For more than 20 years I earned “my keep” by selling to, teaching, training and consulting in advertising and marketing. I worked for and with numerous small independent media entities, as well as for media giants, like Times Mirror Corporation. But, no matter what size the audience or its’ advertisers, I almost always ended up having the “less is better” conversation. It ended with my insistence that just because your organization has a wide-based audience, doesn’t mean you have to tell every one of them, everything, in every communiqué. It is your marketing and branding program that collectively, tells the “whole story” of what your organization, does and stands for.

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