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The Science of Ad Design

We had the wonderful opportunity of providing an in depth Facebook training yesterday for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the SBDC and we had a fantastic turn out. It was a three hour presentation and with as much information as their is to share about Facebook it could have easily been a full day training. Our participants asked some great questions and we wrapped up looking at Facebook ads.

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Business are Looking to Improve Branding and Engagement

Consumer buying habits have changed with the popularity of social media and mobile technology. Consumers are now looking at social media branding and engagement as a part of their buying decision. Reviews and social proof effect our buying decisions and in a recent study by iModerate Research Technologies they found that 67% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter and 51% more likely from brands they follow on Facebook.

So what has caused such a drastic shift? I think it is a combination of many things coming together all at once. First the economy has caused everyone to spend more wisely – even those who have not been directly affected by the economy want reassurance that they have made the right decision. Additionally, social media has made it easier to get a recommendation or a second opinion. And lastly, technology has put powerful mobile applications in our hands that allow us to make price comparisons and check consumer reviews right in the store prior to our purchase.

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Mobile Payment Systems are Reaching Small Local Businesses

If you’ve ever hosted an event, setup a table at a trade show or even had a garage sale you’ve probably contemplated how nice it would be if you could find a mobile payment system for accepting credit cards. Well, technology is catching up in a big way. Pay Pal is one of the newest on the scene for processing mobile payments.

Don’t run a Group Deal without Reading this First!

Shoppers of all ages, cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds and demographics… are buzzing about “Group Buying” and “Daily Deal” Sites! You can’t search online for a product or service, without seeing an ad from Groupon, Living Social, Beget or one of the now hundreds of national and local “Group Buying” sites. The trend has caught on amazingly fast, as the “Daily Deal” advertising process allows money strapped businesses to tap into huge, lucrative networks of new buyers… without any money out-of-pocket. And, while some organizations now are regular participants in Group Buying marketing with excellent results… others who have tried and lost, can be quoted saying, “Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision…” So, why is it that one business finds Group Buying sites a panacea and others a nightmare?

The Good… The Bad… And the Ugly, Horrifying OMG! Of Group Buying Daily Deals – “Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision!”

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Twitter Proves the Power of the Right Words to the Right Market

For more than 20 years I earned “my keep” by selling to, teaching, training and consulting in advertising and marketing. I worked for and with numerous small independent media entities, as well as for media giants, like Times Mirror Corporation. But, no matter what size the audience or its’ advertisers, I almost always ended up having the “less is better” conversation. It ended with my insistence that just because your organization has a wide-based audience, doesn’t mean you have to tell every one of them, everything, in every communiqué. It is your marketing and branding program that collectively, tells the “whole story” of what your organization, does and stands for.

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Go Viral: Social Media is Electronic Word-of-Mouth Advertising (Part II)

(Read Part I)
Social Media for Branding, Positioning and Connecting

Social media allows you to create and establish your brand, to position your organization exactly where your prospects and buyers are, and then to connect on unified points of importance with the ongoing goal of gaining new prospects, customers, followers, supporters and referrals. Social media allows you to affordably, multiplying the success and happiness of past and current clients to draw in new followers and prospects.

Then, taking your good reputation to the next step, social media provides you the opportunity to drive lucrative new buyers to your website, your door or your phone ordering center in “real time”. In fact, social media is now so accessible, that it doesn’t even matter where your consumers are, since more than 50% of them are tapping into their trusted social media sites while on the go, directly from their mobile devices. Just imagine the potential income of being able to deliver a customized, direct response message to your best clients on a slow day at the store or the restaurant or as a boost to build up to a successful special program or event!

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Go Viral: Social Media is Electronic Word-of-Mouth Advertising (Part I)

Rewind back in time to when you were about to make an important purchase. Whether it was a new brand of toothpaste for your dentally challenged children, a new state-of-the-art cell phone or a new or used auto, you went through a well thought-out researching and buying process. Initially you gathered general information online and then you did the most natural thing of all, you turned to your own trusted online social network of friends, family and co-workers to gain a more intimate look at living with the new product or service. After all, many have already made the same purchase and who would know better its benefits and shortcomings?

New studies say this is even more prevalent behavior today as consumers are more concerned with earnings and expenses, more skeptical and much slower to pull the buying trigger in our down economy. We are all doing more with less out of necessity, so it is essential that we do what we can, to save time, frustration and money. So, while word-of-mouth recommendations were always important, the amplification of these messages on social media, combined with a slow economy, now show these messages are more heavily weighted than ever. (Even if you don’t take into consideration that humans are social creatures by nature, that we crave acceptance and approval, and… the only thing we like better than getting great information is giving it!)

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Twitter – The Magic Formula for Small Business

Twitter is arguably one of the top 5 most popular social media sites and unfortunately one of the least understood by many small businesses. The big brands like Dell, Comcast and Best Buy figured out how to use Twitter for sales generation, customer service and help desk support. In the case of Dell, they have raked in more than $3 Million from Twitter followers and in December of 2010 Dell launched the listening command center which monitors 22,000 daily posts and has allowed them to be able to respond quickly which significantly improved both business and customer relations.

We hear case studies from all the big brands that seemed to have mastered Twitter while the smaller companies seem to go unnoticed. But truth be told lots of small businesses are doing well with Twitter. Companies like Kogi Barbeque, Teusner Wines, AJ Bombers and Triumvirate to name a few.

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What Businesses Need… To Move Forward

Ok, so maybe you are not riding the optimist train this week. Despite the fact that you’ve held up pretty well overall the last three years, this nightmare of a journey is taking longer than you expected, and there is no clear deadline as to when things will turn. You’re tired of this economy and of working harder, while making less. You miss “the good ole days”, and can’t help wondering if investing those “hard-to-come-by-dollars” in marketing, makes any sense right now.

One of my favorite books, Rick Page’s Hope is not a Strategy, addresses the lack of thought and life-changing actions when we are lost in the “hoping” stage. It is a perfect book for this economy and this discussion. It clearly and lightheartedly, illustrates examples of how we must accept where we are today, to make the right decisions to propel us forward tomorrow. Living in denial and “hoping” things will get better, is just not a viable process. While you have continued to do what has always worked for you in your business model, nearly everything else has changed, and now so must organizations who want to succeed in these challenging times. Blindly “hoping” does nothing to address the root of the situation or to assist us in developing the strategies we need to succeed.

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Marketing with your iPhone

should be specifically looking into are Facebook and YouTube. No, these websites are not just for kids. Here is how powerful using social websites can be. Take Facebook for example. Have a programmer write a Facebook application for you to upload. This is not difficult and almost anyone with some knowledge of C++ or other language can do this for you. Have this application be unique and desirable. Perhaps make it a game, or a contact manager. Then offer a very desirable feature that can only be retrieved if they visit your website. For example, there is a fish tank application that offers glitter fish and other critters for your tank. You can only get these fish if you visit a website first.

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