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Online Video Marketing Is Hot!

Video consumption is growing exponentially year over year and shows no signs of wavering. And this is especially true with mobile devices in more hands than desktop computers. Statistics have found that when you combine a video with your full page ad, it will boost engagement by 22%. Having a video on the first page of the search results gives you one more spot vs. your competition and if your video is done right it can drive consumers to your website and in some cases convert prospects to customers without them visiting your site.

Need an Extra Boost to Your Marketing? Use Video!

So many ad campaigns on the internet today are lacking the luster and oomph that gets them noticed in a head to head competing world. It’s a known fact that just about anywhere on the internet that you go you see ads. They are used to promote anything and everything. Generally, lets face it, they are ignored by the public. They are seen as a nuisance and more often than not skimmed over. However, there is a way to get that great piece of something that you want noticed – online video marketing.

Video marketing are the next big thing. Common sense tells us this. Who wants to read a text that is supposed to be hyping up some great product or game or movie? Nobody. In this day and age people love to see. They want to feel the excitement run up their spine as your ad makes them focus and want to hear more. Would you notice some text on a page, or would you notice a video uniquely presented with great graphics and killer sound designed to catch one’s attention and hold it there as they learn about the next big thing. It is a clear answer.

Our Latest Marketing Video… It’s short, Engaging and Entertaining.


Online video marketing opens up whole new worlds for businesses. With this alternative, making high quality and eye catching videos that inspire consumers is easy and affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your marketing because online videos are cheap and easy to make. With the right expertise you can make any video online and it will have amazing quality for a fraction of the price of other marketing techniques. Online video marketing is a rising star in the business media world and can easily help your company raise profits and increase sales in not time!

Online video marketing is a great marketing strategy for anyone to use. Call us today and have all of your marketing needs met with ease.

online marketing concepts

Components Of Internet Marketing

There are a variety of different components that combine to create internet marketing campaigns. Essentially, internet marketing needs to involve all or at least the majority of these components in order to be effective and worth the time and effort that is involved in creating it. This article will discuss the different components and how they all come together to create an effective, worthwhile marketing campaign that any business owner can be proud of.

The first step in an internet marketing campaign is to create and set up your website. Your website will include a lot of text, some images, and perhaps even audio and video elements. This gives visitors a clear picture of your message that you are sending about your company. It will show potential customers the features and the benefits of the products or services that your company is offering. Some websites include lead capture for customers or even sell their product or service directly through the website. These websites are essentially the same as brochures or mail order catalogs. They are a wonderful way to start establishing your business and getting noticed.

online marketing for small businessSearch engine marketing is another component of internet marketing. This means that a website is marketed through search engines by improving the ranking of the site through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, or pay for inclusion listings in directories. This is similar to offline advertising that is done through listings in the yellow pages.

The next component is email marketing. This distributes information about your products or services or is used to get feedback from your customers about your products or services through your email. Customers and prospective customers can supply their email addresses or you can choose to purchase email addresses through lists. There are various email methods that are used including newsletter distribution or mass mailings or even offering your customers special things related to your company’s products or services that are being offered. This is basically the same as direct mail advertising that is done offline.

Banner advertising allows for placement of advertisements on a website for a price. There are many providers that are offering banner advertisements on their sites. It can be a very effective part of your internet marketing campaign and can increase your traffic. Newspaper and magazine ads would be the offline comparison to banner advertisements.

Press releases on the internet require a story being written about a company, products, services, or website. These stories or articles must be newsworthy and very attention getting. If you are not attracting attention, you are not going to get traffic or sales to your website. There are many sites on the internet that are centered on press releases.

The next component is blog marketing. This is where you post comments, share your opinions, or make announcements on forums. This can be done through hosting a blog of your own or by adding comments and URLs in blogs that are related to your business and what you have to offer online.

The last component of internet marketing is article marketing. This means that you write articles that are centered on your business and then publish them on different internet sites that relate to articles. Articles are normally passed around the internet and shared with others. Article marketing can give you a huge boost to your business and to website traffic. This can get you a much more targeted audience because your articles are specific to what you have to offer.

Launch of Google’s New Ads in Local Pack – How It Could Impact Your Business

Google is always shaking things up and some changes that will be coming down the pipe in the near future could impact your business.

At the SMX Advanced Local Workshop held on June 22, Google announced and confirmed that ads will be coming to the local 3 pack that we are familiar with. In this workshop Google talked about the ad placement. Which has left businesses with a lot of unanswered questions.

So the biggest question is what does this mean for the many local businesses that have worked hard to gain placement in the coveted 3 pack?

Let’s see if we can help answer some of these questions…

Before we dive into the changes let’s take a step back and make sure everyone understands what the local 3 pack is and some of the recent changes/transformations we have seen.

Google’s Local Pack

Google’s local pack is a group of search results that have local intent. So for example if you search for a plumber you don’t want a list of plumbers in another State or City. Google recognizes certain business types as local and created a section of the search results specifically for local. It currently looks like this:

google local 3 pack


Previously Google’s local pack had 10 listings and about a year ago there were 7 local listings:


Local 7 Pack


Now Google is looking at making another major change that would reduce the number of local listings from 3 to just 2 as the first placement is replaced with an ad. It might look something like this:


google local 3 pack with ad


Google has been testing this new ad placement for a couple of months now but in their tests they have kept the 3 local organic listings and just placed the ad on top.

How Does This Impact Your Business?

If Google reduces the local pack to 2 listings from 3 it will mean that you have less chance of ranking organically in the local pack. As I see it this means local businesses will have basically 2 options…
1. Put more work and time into ranking in the top 2 positions

  • Go back to your Google My Business Page and make sure that you have completed your profile to 100%. Check your categories and select all that are relevant – you can add up to 5. Check your description and include keywords that consumers would be looking for, but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Make sure that the NAP (name, address and phone#) are on your website. Specifically on the page you are linking to from the Google My Business Page. The NAP should be exactly as it is on Google My Business page. If Google lists it as “123 Market St” don’t use “123 Market Street”. Check all your directory listings to make sure the NAP is exactly the same as well.
  • Get your business NAP listed on as many directories as you can.
    For more information about using local directories for improved rankings read this article: The 3 Best Ways To Drive New Customers To Your Door

2. Pay For An Ad
Alternatively you can pay for a listing in the #1 ad spot of the local pack. This would be done through Google Adwords. If you’re not familiar with Adwords you can read more about setting up your first campaign.
If you’re not familiar with Adwords you may find it difficult, complicated and time consuming. If you don’t setup your ad correctly it can be an expensive endeavor. Although once you’ve learned how to set it up so that your campaigns are working efficiently you may find ads to be a great way to drive more business. If you need help running an ads campaign you can turn to Social Climb’s Small Business Marketing Program.
In Summary
The new local pack has not gone live yet but now is a good time to start preparing for the changes coming, especially if your business relies on the local pack for most of your leads and sales. Follow the basic guides we laid out in this article and contact us if you have more questions. Note: that until Google implements their new local search results, it is subject to change. As we learn more about the new Google local search we will keep you posted.

medical seo

How Medical SEO Helps In Promoting Health Care Organizations

Search Engine Optimization or internet marketing is one and the same thing. Basically it’s a process of enhancing the visibility and availability of a website as a result of overdue search by improving the working and ranking in online search engine. High page rank sites are easily browsed because when we go into the relevant keywords, search engines provide you alternatives to pick the site of your interest. SEO assists in searching images, videos, areas and academic or basic info. Several markets and law firms purchase SEO for promotion and to improve their social network.

5 Keys to the Perfect SEO Blog Post

Writing can sometimes be hard enough without having to worry about optimizing it for search and rankings. Keeping your content interesting, informative and/or entertaining isn’t enough if no one can find what you’ve written about. here are a few tips to help you develop the perfect SEO blog post.
Research the Best Keywords
With a little bit of research you should be able to find out what people are searching. Discovering the ways in which the average browser searches for goods and services on the internet can help you figure out the best methods for leading potential customers to your business. Try to make a list of 10 to 20 different words, and choose 3 or 4 of them to create the perfect blog post.

marketing online with live chat

Live Chat Will Build Trust and Retain Customers

Have you considered adding a live chat option to your website? Depending on the business, a live chat service can do much more than simply provide quick and painless customer service. When used in the correct situation, it can increase conversions on your site, the number of returning visitors and ultimately, revenue.

At Social Climb, we’ve encouraged many of our clients to utilize the benefits of a live chat service if we feel it would help that particular business. Our internet marketing department performs extensive research about your users and their behavioral needs in order to decide what type of support would be a beneficial addition to your online business.

responsive website design

5 Reasons You Need A Responsive Website Design

Mobile devices are becoming more accessible and popular for people of all ages. This is why having a responsive website has become a necessity for online businesses, publishers and retailers. With a responsive design, there is no longer a need to develop separate designs for your website to make them work across various devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Most websites are specifically designed to work on desktops, which can become really irritating when viewing the same site on a tablet or a smartphone. If you’re an online business owner, advertiser, or publisher, here are five reasons why you need a responsive website.

SEO strategy

The 6 Elements of a Strong SEO Strategy

Building a strong SEO strategy should include 6 key elements for your overall success. Each element plays a role in the success of your campaign and can build a strong marketing strategy that drives leads, sales and revenue to your business consistently.

Keyword research: It all begins with selecting the right keywords for your site. One misnomer in keyword research is that you need to target the keyword with the most search volume. This isn’t exactly true…. a keyword with low search volume but high buyer intent could bring in more leads and sales than a highly searched term. So doing your research and identifying the BEST keywords to target before you even begin building your website or SEO strategy.

lead generation conversion

5 Tips To Better Online Lead Conversions

If you look back five or six years ago the recommended time to respond to a lead was 24 hours or the next day. This was expected by the consumer and was a standard practice of most companies. But today the traditional lead time has become much smaller. Customers are looking for an almost instant response for their inquires. After 5 minutes they are moving on to the next company that can potentially help them. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to respond to a lead your chances of closing the lead diminish drastically.

There are some things you can do to minimize lead loss, nurture leads and increase your conversion rate.

reputation marketing for local business

Valuable Statistics You Need To Know About Reputation Marketing

The world is changing. Have you heard of Yelp, Yellow Pages, Urban Spoon, Trip Advisor, Angie’s List and many of the other online directories? There is one thing all of these have in common. These online directories spend millions of dollars in advertisement each year educating the consumer on the importance and value in researching a company’s reputation before buying a product or service.

You can easily get an instant report card for your business by simply typing your companies name into the Google search bar. In most cases all of these directories will show up in the search results along with your company’s website. This is exactly what your potential customers will see when someone refers them to your business, they pick up your business card somewhere or receive a flyer in the mail. Whether you have good reviews, bad reviews or no reviews, your potential customer is formulating an opinion about your business. And this opinion will determine if they want to take the next step and consider purchasing from you or if they ‘re going to keep looking for another company.  That’s how important your online reputation is when marketing to today’s digital consumer.

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